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Gamethread 5/16: Phillies at Giants

More Bohm Runs, please.

Philadelphia Phillies v San Francisco Giants Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

We didn’t like that Game 1 outcome for this series, maybe they can do better with an actual starting pitcher on the mound? We’ll see! Well, some may see...the others will be asleep (like myself). Nonetheless! Lineups:

Phillies throw their ace Zack Wheeler on the bump. If he doesn’t carve them up I just don’t know anymore. Edmundo Sosa remains out the lineup, which means Alec Bohm at his natural third base position and Clemens at first.

They will be opposed by the Bad Guys who will have Alex Cobb pitching tonight, who is arguably pitching his best baseball of his career at age 35. He’ll be an interesting trade target in a couple months if he keeps this up and San Francisco fades even further in the standings. The Giants bullpen is hot garbage, so lets hope they can get to them early. The Giants lineup has some feast/famine to it and will need to keep guys like J.D. Davis, Michael Conforto and LaMonte Wade Jr. in the ballpark if they are going to survive.