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Rise and Phight: 5/24/2023

Can we get Trea Turner a support animal?

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Arizona Diamondbacks v Philadelphia Phillies
Let’s get Trea Turner a good luck cat or squirrel or something
Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

The Phillies lost again on Tuesday. Dylan Covey pitched well enough, but an early deficit, offensive struggles against a not-so-good pitcher, and a maddening ability to give back runs as soon as they score them resulted in a second straight loss to the Diamondbacks.

Elsewhere in baseball, animals are making headlines. Maybe the Phillies need to find some sort of good luck animal mascot to turn their season around.

Phillies news

  • We think Trea Turner sucks right now. Trea Turner thinks he sucks right now. I think the best solution would be for him to stop sucking.
  • Taking on “bulk boy” duties, Dylan Covey had a solid debut with the Phillies on Tuesday. It wasn’t enough to win the game but gives the team some hope that every fifth game won’t be an automatic loss.
  • Brandon Marsh has been in a slump and now (possibly not coincidentally) he’s dealing with a shoulder injury.

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