Could Alec Bohm just be the 1st Baseman?

Not of necessity - just the Phillies 1st baseman? - replacing Rhys Hoskins

We all know Rhys Hoskins is a FA at the end of this year, the Phillies could probably sign him back, but do we want to? Could we have the first base answer in Alec Bohm? In opening weeks of 2023 with both Hoskins and Hall removed from the roster with injury - the Phillies have been pressed by Edmundo Sosa's performance to try Alec Bohm out at first. The results have been that Bohm has been streaky - sometimes really good, lately kind of "el stinko" but Hoskins does that too. We might be encouraged... Let's see what the numbers tell:

With the Bat:

Alec Bohm 2023 135 PAs HR 3 .270/.341/.402 wRC+ 104

Alec Bohm career 1363 PAs HR 27 .276/.326/.392 wRC+ 97

Rhys Hoskins thru 1363 PAs HR 76 .250/.374/.521 wRC+ 134

last 1363 PAs HR 69 .241/.337/481 wRC+ 122

Over the last three years, Paul Goldschmidt is the best 1st baseman with the bat by wRC+

Paul Goldschmidt PA 1474 HR 70 .306/.386/.542 wRc+ 157 WAR 13.6

and Rhys is 10th PA 1115 HR 57 .246/.333/.489 wRC+ 124 WAR 4.2

Median of top ten is something like HR 72 .279/.362/.483 wRC+ 14 WAR 9.2 (Matt Olson or Max Muncy)

over the last three years, Alec Bohm would have ranked 22nd, displacing TIger Jonathon Schoop.

In 2023, Bohm doesn't yet have as many PAs (33) as he did in his great 2020 short season (44), but his 104 wRC+ currently ranks 18th (below Jake Cronenworth, above Brandon Drury). As a 3rd baseman, Alec Bohm ranks 18th over the last three years, and 14th this season.

With the Glove...

so maybe Bohm is a glove man at first - like an Anthony Rizzo (though he hasn't hit as well as Rizzo yet).

By eye-test it almost seems like Bohm is already as good as Hoskins (which took Hoskins years) and is a better first baseman than 3rd baseman.. But let's look at the numbers here as well (first base only)

Alec Bohm 2023 Innings 182 DRS -3 RAA -1 OAA -2 UZR/150 -4.5

Alec Bohm career Innings 324 DRS -4 RAA -2 OAA -2 UZR/150 -2.1

Rhys Hoskins 2017 Innings 203.1 DRS 0 RAA 0 OAA 0 UZR/150 4.8

Rhys Hoskins 2022 Innings 854.2 DRS 3 RAA -5 OAA -6 UZR/150 .8

Alec Bohm 3rd base

2022 Innings 1146.2 DRS -17 UZR/150 -.3 OAA -9 RAA -6

2021 Innings 833.2 DRS -13 UZR/150 -1.5 OAA -2 RAA -2

Defensive stats can be a mess sort out - but I think we can see that I need to have my eyes checked.

Bohm hasn't played 1st as well as Hoskins and he is one of the leagues worst 3rd basemen and doesn't improve moving to first.

However we feel about Alec Bohm as a defensive first baseman, (still rubbing my eyes) - Bohm doesn't really hit like one. Or hasn't proven it yet.

Unless 1) we think Hoskins will seriously decline after surgery or 2) we just want to save money - we'd be better off with Hoskins, and finding a first baseman that's better and available may be challenging. Could Hall be an answer? That's an analysis for another day (and one well after Hall returns from his surgery).