Fixing the Phillies

When Ranger Suarez returns to his starting pitching role, I suggest sending Bailey Falter to AAA to work on adding a two-seam sinker fastball. He cannot continue to live at the top of the zone with the four-seamer and only have off-speed pitchers in the bottom of the zone. The way he is currently pitching, the opposition is able to time him and hit him the second time through the order. In the time beginning, I would bring up Christopher Sanchez to take Falter's place. Otherwise, Thomson better be ready to use Matt Srahm in long relief of Falter by the third inning. It may be better to try Sanchez as a starter because given the way Taijuan Walker is pitching, the Phillies may need Strahm to relieve Walker by the third or fourth inning. Taijuan Walker needs to use his fastball more and put it in better spots. He has got to reduce the use of the forkball except when he is ahead in the count in order to reduce walks. Kyle Schwarber should not be leading off, especially while Trea Turner is slumping. I would put Stott back into the leadoff spot. This team should score more runs with the top three hitters in the lineup being Stott, Turner, and Harper. In addition, until Schwarber gets hot, he is too much of a defensive liability to play every day in left field. Instead, I would put Dalton Guthrie in left field against left-hand starting pitchers, especially in games where we are using a left-hand starter or the opposing team has a heavily right-hand-dominated line-up. When Hall returns, he should take over first base except for when he needs a rest against a tough left-hand pitcher. That moves Bohm back to third base where he belongs. Bohm needs to work on staying on the bag after catching an out at first base longer. If he does not, he is going to get called for being off the base for an error. Where to bat Schwarber and Hall in the line-up, both should be fifth or lower, will depend on which one is hitting better. They both can do the most damage by driving in runs. As long as Schwarber slumps, however, Guthrie should probably be playing left field against left-hand pitching until Pache returns. Then Pache should start in leftfield against left-handers until Schwarber gets hot. When Schwarber gets hot, he should start in leftfield and be replaced by Guthrie or Pache as a defensive replacement late in games. Brandon Marsh should be the everyday centerfielder. The way he is hitting right now, there is no need to lift him against left-hand pitchers. All of the Phillies pitchers need to work on keeping their concentration and making quality pitches on every throw. Wheeler and Nola, especially need to adjust to the pitch clock to get back on track. All of the Phillies pitchers need to throw strikes and stop walking people. With the roster the Phillies have, their pitching should be one of the top if not the top in the league. This is especially true in the bullpen. All they need to do is live up to their potential. This team is too deep to have a losing record. Games, where the Phillies lead by five runs or more, should be a guaranteed win. They just should not lose games like that. The Phillies' pitching should never give up double digits runs in any one game. Our pitchers are better than that. Pitchers need to trust in themselves and make their best pitches. The way the Phillies have been playing lately is downright embarrassing. Low-budget teams like Pitsburg and Baltimore have better records than the Phillies. Both of those teams have 20-plus run differentials while the Phillies are at a -29 differential. This just cannot continue.