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Phillies of the Phuture: Mick Abel

With Painter injured, Could Mick be ready and Abel?

MLB: FEB 17 Phillies Spring Training Workout Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Setting the Scene

Mick Abel is a 21-year-old starting pitching prospect for the Philadelphia Phillies. Abel is from Oregon and was drafted 15th Overall in the 2020 MLB Draft.

As of this article, Abel is the #2 ranked prospect in the Phillies system and the #36 on the MLB Top 100 Prospects list.

With highly touted #1 Phillies pitching prospect Andrew Painter sidelined for the foreseeable future, Mick Abel could emerge as ready, willing, and Abel?

Mick Abel is one of the Phillies’ most exciting prospects to be looking forward to in this latest edition of Phillies of the Phuture.

What are the Numbers?

McLean “Mick” Stine Abel has been building off his high draft position to become a contributing cog in the Philadelphia Phillies rotation.

2021: Single-A; went 1-3 with a 4.43 ERA, 14 GS, 44.2 IP, 66 SO, and 27 BB; also had a 1.21 WHIP.

2022: A+, Double-A; went 8-11 with a 3.90 ERA, 23 GS, 108.1 IP, 130 SO, and 50 BB; also had a 1.33 WHIP.

2023: Double-A; so far, is 2-3 with a 4.93 ERA, 10 GS, 45.2 IP, 53 SO, and 27 BB; Also has a 1.27 WHIP.

The 2023 season in Reading has not been kind to Abel, but his last two starts indicate he has settled down. His Walks/9 is uncomfortable to look at, especially since it looked like he was able to hone in on his control in ‘22.

Abel’s June 9th Start:

In his Age-21 season, Abel looks to improve and jump to Triple-A Lehigh by the end of the season. First and foremost, he will need to focus on getting people out and working ahead in the counts where he seems to be falling behind.

What does the Phuture hold?

Mick Abel is a prized top pitching prospect for the Phillies. He is currently projected to enter the Phillies rotation in 2024 or 2025. This promotion would line up nicely with his Age 22 or 23 season, hopefully making him ripe enough to go against big league hitters.

Currently, out of the triumvirate of elite pitching prospects that the Phillies have, only Andrew Painter has been designated as “MLB Ready” by executives.

Abel has not been as nearly as dominant as Painter thus far, and the Phillies organization is likely to see Abel as early as 2024 and as late as 2025, barring no injury. Since Painter’s injury, Abel is arguably the best active minor league starting pitcher the Phils’ have.

Mick Abel can be a part of an elite Phillies rotation by 2024 or, most likely, 2025.

Possible Rotation Scenario

As baseball approaches the trade deadline, rumors about star Cleveland Guardians pitcher Shane Bieber have come up around the league.

Scenario: Trade for Bieber; Give Nola Qualifying Offer (which he will deny, and the Phillies get a draft pick); Work on Extending Bieber in the ‘23 offseason or ‘24; Bring Up Painter and Abel.

*Likely 2025 Rotation: Bieber, Painter, Suarez, Walker, Abel

If the Phillies snag a starter at the deadline, such as Shane Bieber, it will make for an exciting rotation over the next two seasons. Bieber has 1.5 years left of team control. Due to not having too much team control left, Shane Bieber should not be able to command too big of a package from a team to acquire him.

Bieber Talks Trade Rumors:

The Phillies could make a run for Bieber. Cleveland seems to be seeking outfield help and depth, which the Phillies could provide by utilizing two or three of the following players: Ethan Wilson, Simon Muzziotti, Jhailyn Ortiz, Carlos De La Cruz, or Gabriel Rincones Jr.

Combing some outfield prospects with Griff McGarry, who seems more of a reliever than a starter, should move the needle.

After acquiring Bieber and playing the remainder of the 2023 season, they will have the option to resign Nola. Will they do it?

Nola has struggled with consistency, whereas Bieber has been a top pitcher in Major League Baseball. Investing in Bieber is the smarter pursuit for the Phillies.

Some would say he is a Phillie for life, but the lack of movement on the extension front seems troubling. Aaron Nola seems like a lifelong Phillie that will join the legends of Phillies baseball, but he would have been secured already if both sides were on the same proverbial page.


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There is likely no trade movement between the Guardians and Phillies. Additionally, Mick Abel will not solve the ongoing fifth rotation issue that the Phillies are in this season. However, one can hope for David Dombrowski and Sam Fuld to put something together to push the Phightins to the next level.

Ultimately, Abel has a real chance to enter the field in 2024 or 2025, right on schedule. Hopefully, the Phillies farm system will be able to cultivate these young pitchers to be a formidable rotation for years to come.


When will Mick Abel arrive in the big leagues?

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