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Let’s talk about some trade ideas

It’s always a hoot!

MLB: Spring Training-Tampa Bay Rays at Philadelphia Phillies Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

Trade are everywhere now. The deadline is rapidly approaching and the rumors have started to come out of the woodwork. Why, just last week, there was debate about whether or not the Phillies would be a fit for Paul Goldschmidt from the Cardinals, something that has been picked up by others in the media.

Goldy would meet the Phils’ need for power to replace Hoskins’ at first base and, as’s Will Letich notes, the Cardinals may end up finding it in their best interest to deal Goldschmidt prior to the Trade Deadline given that St. Louis hasn’t been able to emerge from its unusual season-long malaise and could use some young starting pitching to restock its farm system.

Listen, I am well aware that adding Goldschmidt to this team would be something they might look into and something they very well might like to do. On paper, it looks like a decent idea, but let’s consider the following:

  • With Goldschmidt under control in 2024 as well, the return package the Phillies would have to give up would likely need to include two of Mick Abel, Griff McGarry and Andrew Painter, something the team is loathe to do. There are some decisions to be made on the starting pitching front in the coming years with Aaron Nola’s and Zack Wheeler’s free agencies coming closer on the horizon, so the development and retention of those three arms could help mitigate the possibility of the two starters departing. Flags fly forever, of course, and Goldschmidt might be a solid piece to get them to be able to hoist another pennant and/or World Series flag, but that is no guarantee. The cost just might be too exorbitant.
  • Bryce Harper is currently working his tail off in order to play first base, the position Goldschmidt would theoretically occupy were he moved to Philadelphia. That would mean leaving Harper at the DH spot in the order, keeping Kyle Schwarber in the outfield. I’m not sure if you’ve seen Schwarber in the outfield of late, but it’s starting to become an issue for the team, an issue they could very well take care of it they could bury his bat at the DH position. Adding Goldschmidt would end all of that and maybe not even for the better.

Instead of focusing on deals that are probably not very likely to happen (though I’m more than willing to eat crow if Goldschmidt is acquired), let’s talk about what could happen. We all like to make up our own mock trades and talk about them, so let’s open a forum for that here. We’ll likely do this from time to time as the deadline gets closer, but for now, what are some deals you’d like to see the Phillies make in order to make it to the postseason yet again? Let’s chat about it (with civility, of course).