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Rise and Phight: 6/20/2023

It’s a big week

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MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Oakland Athletics Robert Edwards-USA TODAY Sports

The team activated Darick Hall and sent him down to Lehigh Valley yesterday, designating Dalton Guthrie in order for that move to work. Hall does need to play every day and Kody Clemens is playing well enough right now, and offers more versatility, that Hall isn’t really needed right now in Philadelphia.

Guthrie just doesn’t seem to be able to hit major league pitching. He’s a nice bat to have in the organization - someone who can be called to the majors in a pinch, but can be designated without much risk another team will take him. He gives them some depth in case a major injury happens later. Still, it’s rather odd the team is choosing to designate him over Drew Ellis. Maybe it is because it’s been two years he’s shown he can’t really hit in the majors.

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