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Rise and Phight 6/27/2023

Keep chip-chippin’ away

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MLB: MAY 21 Cubs at Phillies
Sosa doing Sosa things against the Cubbies in May at CBP
Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

When last our Phillies faced off against the mighty Chicago Cubs, the baby bears thrashed the good guys 10-1 in the first of a three game home series. The next night the Phillies repaid the favor and fixed the Cubs’ little red wagon 12-3. The series was decided in a game that saw Walker and the bullpen combine to allow the Cubs a single run (Kimbrell gave it up in the ninth to keep everyone on the edge of their seats), while the Fightins plated two for the win.

Hopefully the starting rotation keep doing what they’re doing, and the offense ends the RISP schtick and fires in time with each other against the North Siders at Wrigley. Maybe the Phillies will take another series - or better yet bust out the brooms.

How do you think the series against the Cubbies will play out?

On to the links:

Phillies News

Has anyone else noticed how incredibly well Ranger and Walker have done in their last four outings? Both starters tweaked their mix of pitches and the results speak for themselves.

Two Phillies are headed to the Futures All-Star Game

Is it time for Bellatti to return to the bullpen?

Trea Turner’s leg kick returns and so do the hits.

MLB News

Phase 2 of All-Star Game voting has opened. Let’s try and get Harper on the team. At the very least we can vote off a couple of Braves.

Freddie Freeman has 2,000 career hits. It’s okay if you don’t care.

It’s funny how winning games will fill up a stadium. It doesn’t hurt to have a Joey Votto on hand, too.