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Nick Castellanos, sole Phillies All-Star

It’s much deserved

Washington Nationals v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

What an amazing turnaround for Nick Castellanos here in Philadelphia. Last season, Castellanos was vilified for what felt like a free agent signing that looked like a bust. We could go over all the numbers that felt like career lows, the inability to hit a slider low and away, and the season long slump that just never seemed like it would get better.

Now, Castellanos is headed to Seattle to be the team’s lone All-Star representative, arguably the only one even deserving of going to the game.

Castellanos has been on a consistent heater all year long, the only player on the offense that has performed since the bell rang in April. While other have had peaks and valleys with the bat, all Castellanos has done is hit.

There will likely be mea culpas written in the coming days about how each person was wrong. About how contracts need to be evaluated over their entirety, not in just how the player performs in the first season (side eye Trea Turner). About how players really need to adjust to a new city, a new routine, etc.

Or you could just trust the guy who knew it all along…

Now, don’t you searching my Twitter feed…

Seriously though, congratulations to Nick. It’s truly well deserved for him.