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Rise and Phight: 7/25/2023

It’s time for hypotheticals!

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MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Philadelphia Phillies Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Our TGP Slack channel is an active one. We talk about all manner of topics - gardening, Star Wars, Marvel, travel baseball. We also dabble in current baseball topics and one came up yesterday that I found quite interesting.

Without revealing who asked the question, there was one posed that made me pause. If you were running the Phillies and were offered Francisco Lindor straight up for Trea Turner, would you do it?

There were some vociferous “no’s” from people, nary a “yes” and from me, a “I’d think about it.” I’m not sure I’d dismiss it entirely out hand as quickly as some people did, but I would actually think about it a little bit longer than most.

What say you?

On to the links.

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