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Rise and Phight: 7/3/2023

A day off before a Florida trip

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Washington Nationals v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

Nick Castellanos was the team’s lone All-Star representative, but was anyone else really that worthy of joining him on the trip to Seattle?

From the pitching side, the biggest argument could be made for Jose Alvarado, who has been dominant when he’s been healthy. Ultimately, that may have been the reason he isn’t making the trip as the stint on the injured list is likely what kept him from being selected. The rest of the pitching staff just hasn’t been as consistent from the start of the season. Maybe Zack Wheeler? The biggest issue with these two is that pitching is one of the easier places to grab a player from a bad team as that team’s lone representative. Would you take Alvarado over someone like Bryce Elder or Josiah Gray in a vacuum? Sure, but these are the rules.

On offense, no one has really been that effective all year long. Again, an argument could (and probably should) be made for J.T. Realmuto over Elias Diaz, but Colorado doesn’t really have another player worthy of going, which is why Diaz got the nod. Rob Thomson, in charge of making the reserves a bit, probably doesn’t mind Realmuto getting a few days off his feet.

It’s kind of weird that the defending National League champion only has one representative for the game, but that’s what happens when your season is as uneven as the Phillies’ season has been.

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