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The Home Run Derby is upon us

No Schwarber, no Harper, no problem!

Home Run Derby in Los Angeles, CA.

Ah, the Home Run Derby. It’s always been a highlight of the All-Star break festivities, but in some ways, it seems like it has surpassed it. Honestly, which one do you pay attention to more?

For me, there are ulterior motives to watching the Home Run Derby more than the All-Star game and that’s because it’s on earlier, which means my son can watch it with me. It’s his chance to watch the best of the best crank out dingers all night long. It’s wonderful.

This year, the Derby has a varied amount of All-Star sluggers participating in Seattle, a group that should make the event must see TV. Sadly, there are no players headed there from Philadelphia, though maybe a certain someone could use the event as a way to get his power swing back on track coughBrycecough. Here are the participants scheduled to be there:

Not sure there is any doubt, but the easy favorite is Pete Alonso. Love him or hate him, he seems like he’s a type of dude where the Derby is almost as important to him as winning a division game against the Braves. He definitely takes it a little too seriously.

Dark horse pick? Randy Arozarena. He doesn’t have the type of swing geared toward winning the event, but he also seems like the guy who could get hot during one of the rounds and blow someone out of the water.

You can watch the Home Run Derby on Fox, Monday evening at 8:00.