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Letdown: Twins 3, Phillies 0

Meh, kind of figured this one was coming

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

There was a long stretch of games that the Phillies had without a scheduled day off. Sure, they got a lucky break with the rainout last week, but still, when you see the calendar like that, you tend to wander to when your next day off will be.

The Phillies looked like they were ready for a day off yesterday, playing without a whole lot of fire outside of a fired up Alec Bohm. It’s totally fine too. Baseball players get worn down during the season and crave those off days. With one in sight, logically you’d imagine the team was looking at it with hungry eyes.

There wasn’t really that much to see in the game. Ranger Suarez gave up some solo home runs early, which felt insurmountable. The Phillies had some bases loaded situations where they looked like they were going to threaten them, but Kyle Schwarber struck out swinging in one of them on a pitch that looked like ball four and Alec Bohm struck out looking on a pitch that was ball four.

You know a pitch was bad and changed the game when even Keith Law is saying something about it.

Listen, this isn’t a game worth writing a whole lot about. They lost when they should have taken the series, but these happen and they’re still three games clear of the final wild card spot.

They’re fine.