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Rise and Phight: 8/18/2023

To the nation’s capital

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Former GM Dan O’Dowd reviews playoff chances on MLB Network

The Nationals have one of the best records in MLB since the All-star break, but the Phillies head to DC having won 9 of the last 10 series between the two teams.

On to the links!

Phillies news

MLB news

  • The Braves are looking for the 11,000th win going into their series at home against the Giants. They continue to be grateful for the Phillies, without whom they would be the losingest franchise in the history of American sports.
  • Contenders with the toughest and easiest schedules remaining (Phillies aren’t mentioned, though according to this they’re 11th in strength of schedule).
  • The Rays’ Luke Raley got a crazy bounce for an inside-the-park HR at Oracle Park.