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Harper swag is here for you

A new meme is upon us

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MLB: San Francisco Giants at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

That inside-the-park home run from Monday night was exciting, wasn’t it? I was at the game and mentioned to my son, from our vantage point, how cool it would be if someone like Trea Turner could hit that wall and we could just watch him run and run and run. Instead, we were treated to Bryce Harper circling the bases like the whirling dervish he is.

To celebrate that moment, BreakingT has created this t-shirt for you to show how much you loved it as well.

The hands out, “It’s me, hi!” shrug that Harper gives is just incredible. What a player.

You can order this and any other Phillies merchandise from BreakingT by clicking on this link. After all, the holidays will be here soon. Might as well get a head start!