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BreakingT is celebrating a Phillies milestone

There is more to offer

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Bryce Harper is going to be the second best Phillie to wear the uniform when all is said and done so long as he remains healthy. I feel pretty comfortable making that declaration right now. He’s already on a Hall of Fame track of his own, but now you can pretty much book the date on your calendar for when he is inducted into the Phillies Wall of Fame. He’s as stone cold a lock as could be.

The 300th home run of his career is a highlight for all to remember, though if we’re being honest, it’s at least every so slightly tinged by the fact they lost the game in the next inning. To celebrate that achievement, BreakingT has created this wonderful piece of apparel.

There is also that subsection of the team that we’ve all come to love: the Daycare. They’re the ones that have started this magical run, their personalities being allowed to flourish instead of being stifled a key reason this team has come together as it has. BreakingT has also created something to appreciate them as well.


As always to purchase these and any other team related items, simply click on this link and head to BreakingT to grab them.