Making Rojas even better

Rojas is the best defensive centerfielder that the Phillies have had since Greg Maddox. Rojas can be a star everyday player if he can improve his hitting a little bit. The Phillies need to have Rojas work on his bunting. He needs to not pop up bunts. He also needs to be able to add the bunt for a base hit to his hitting ability. If he improves in these two spots, he will get on base more often and keep his average up. By being able to bunt, he will force the defense in making it easier for him to smash hard-hit balls past the third baseman as well. From what I understand, the Phillies are already working with him on this skill. The other batting skill he needs to learn is not to swing so hard at every pitch. Rojas needs to learn to swing hard only at pitches he can crush. On other pitches in the strike zone, he needs to learn to swing like Stott and get the ball in play. On borderline pitches, Rojas needs to foul the ball off. One good thing is Rojas seems to have a good eye at the plate and does not swing at balls out of the strike zone very often. I suggest having Stott work with Rojas to improve in this area. Keep him away from Schwarber though. Schwarber has the same problem ase Rojas. He swings too hard on every pitch. That is why he strikes out and pops up too much keeping his batting average low. If Rojas gets on base by keeping his average up to .300 or above and continues to walk at least a 10% clip, he will be a star. Plus with his speed, he should be able to steal 50 or more bases a year if he gets on base enough.