Pitching failures likely to prevent run to World Series

Our three best starters going into the playoff are Wheeler, Suarez, and Sanchez. Nola is having his worst year ever. He seems to have his mind on the pitch clock too much. His command is off and giving up too many runs, especially home runs. The Phillies cannot count on him as a key starter in the playoffs. Walker has velocity problems and sometimes command problems. He may be better in the bullpen. Lorenzen is having command problems as well. The key for Lorenzen in my opinion is to keep more of his pitches down in the strike zone. He just cannot keep throwing his off-speed pitches up in the strike zone and expect to have any success. It appears to me that he needs to take a longer stride with his front leg and release the ball slightly later to achieve this goal. He also needs to work on throwing a cutter off of his fastball that starts out like a fastball in the strike zone and finishes just out of the strike zone. Lorenzen also needs to start some of his off-speed pitchers in the strike zone and have them finish just below or just outside and low in the strike zone to get more swings and misses by the batter. Straham has a similar problem. Both of these two pitchers tend to throw too many first-pitch fastball strikes and no ball or one ball and two strike count stikes. Dominguez is also suffering from command issues. I think he is trying too hard and overthrowing. To win in the playoffs, the Phillies pitchers have to be spot on, and right now they just are not. I do not see any way the Phillies can beat the Braves or the Dodgers in a short series at this point. My fear is they will go out in any round of the playoffs when they face either the Braves or the Dodgers. There are going to be some difficult decisions for next year's roster if the Phillies are to get over the hump and win a world series. Replacing Nola with a top-quality preferably younger pitcher is a priority in my opinion.