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Weekend open thread

Everybody is, how they say, workin’ for it

New York Mets v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

It’s the weekend, so not much will likely happen. One thing that did happen was the passing of Bud Harrelson this past week. He’ll always be remembered for being a member of the Mets organization for about his entire life, either as a player, coach or manager, but did you know there were years in Philadelphia?

Totaling only 214 plate appearances with the Phillies, Harrelson didn’t put much of a dent in the team’s record books, but as so often happened at the end of a player’s career in 20th century, they’d take just about any job they could when teams still judged a player solely on the back of his baseball card. Still, may Harrelson rest in peace.