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Phillies add Dominican outfielder to their prospect lists

It starts...

The international signing period has begun (still weird that it’s in January and not July) and the Phillies came out swinging. They added a 17 year-old Dominican outfielder, Jalvin Arias, to the tune of a cool $1.4 million. Here is what some of the different scouting resources said about the young man.

MLB Pipeline:

Arias’ best attribute is his long limbs, and along with a 6-foot-3 frame that boasts definition, makes for exciting upside since he’ll be just 17 years old when he signs. Many clubs have shown interest in Arias, who has trained in the Dominican Republic with Cristian Batista, a member of MLB’s Trainer Partnership Program...[A]rias sports an explosive uppercut swing that plays well alongside his idea of what he wants to do at the plate. Already at 210 pounds with gap-to-gap pop, there figures to be more in the tank in the power department as he continues to mature and fill out physically...[T]he right-handed-throwing outfielder displays smooth defensive actions and has a long arm swing with solid extension, making up for what is likely average arm strength.


Perhaps the most physically mature hitter in the 2024 class, Arias is built like an SEC tight end prospect at 6-foot-4 and 220 pounds or so. As you can imagine, he has thunderous raw power. He’s also surprisingly fast once underway, and has a plus arm. His speed gives Arias a shot to be a good right fielder at maturity despite his size. Like a lot of the players who earn bonuses around $1.5 million, Arias has some loud tools and some relevant potential flaws, in this case his hit tool.

It’s going to be years until he is in Philadelphia, if he ever makes it at all, but these scouting reports are exciting to hear.

We’ll add more once we hear who else the team is committing money to later on.