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2023 Phillies in review: Andrew Vasquez

Would he win an award for most forgettable Phillies that made a decent contribution?

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Philadelphia Phillies Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

This will be one of the shorter player reviews you’ll find. Andrew Vasquez was claimed off of waivers from the Giants in early November 2022, somehow stuck around on the roster all through the offseason and into the 2023 season last year and got a decent number of innings.

Then he was gone.

2023 stats (w/ Phillies): 30 G, 39 23 IP, 12 R (10 ER), 20.0 K%, 8.2 BB%, 2.27 ERA (4.29 FIP), 0.2 fWAR

The good

Listen, dude did his job.

Now, say what you want about the difference between Vasquez’s ERA and his FIP. The huge gulf between the two suggests that he got a little lucky. But when called upon, Vasquez did his duty. He wasn’t asked to get the big outs. We can see that by looking at the leverage index in which he entered the game and finding a number of 0.50, a number that would have ranked him as having the fifth lowest leverage index when entering a game if we only accounted for his time in Philadelphia. Rob Thomson used him sparingly, but teams need pitchers like that.

The Phillies had a lot of trouble finding even good relievers to grab innings during the dark times. As Vasquez proves, they’re improving at finding pitchers to fill specific roles before discarding them when a better option comes along. I’ll take that version of the Phillies all day long.

The bad

Honestly, what else is there to say about Vasquez? He wasn’t bad at his job. He just wasn’t good enough to do anything more than that, a main reason why he was let go by the Phillies.

The future

Placed on waivers following the trade deadline, he’s the Tigers’ problem now.

He’s already a free agent.