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The Phillies’ 2024 City Connect jerseys may have just leaked online

And the fanbase doesn’t appear to be enthralled.

Paul Lukas

We may have all gotten an early glimpse of the Phillies’ City Connect jerseys. If we did, our worst fears may have been realized.

Every year since 2021, MLB and Nike have rolled out several specialty jerseys designed to connect the city, its history and culture with the baseball team that plays there. Some of them have been pretty good (Washington’s grey and pink flower blossom jerseys are the best, IMO), and some have been pretty awful. ESPN did a ranking last summer of all the City Connect jerseys and, if a social media post out on Wednesday morning is to be believed, it’s like the Phils’ may descend to the bottom of that list.

The social media post contained some additional photos that made it seem like these jerseys are the real deal...

...and the internet’s foremost experts on sports uniforms, Uni-Watch, appears to think this is legit as well.

This could be a false narrative, and based on what we’re seeing here, granted without the cap and pants to complete the ensemble, I hope it is. There doesn’t appear to be anything connecting the team with the city, other than the blue and yellow colors that mirror the city’s flag.

The worst part of the design is the script, which one commenter described beautifully.

It looks like something Freddy Kruger would have carved with his knife fingers. It’s truly an awful design, and the vast majority of commenters agree that, should these jerseys be the real deal, they should be burned with fire. They look like an indoor soccer team’s alternates.

Not all fans are upset with the jerseys, including our Twitter overlord here at TGP:


How do you feel about this possible Phillies’ City Connect jersey?

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