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Phillies claim Max Castillo off waiver from Boston

They’re like the Duke brothers with players named Castillo

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Kansas City Royals Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

In a scene straight from “Trading Places”, the Phillies continue trying to corner the market on players with the last name Castillo, this time claiming Max Castillo from the Red Sox.

Max Castillo gives them some more depth in Lehigh Valley with another option at starter. Castillo has already debuted with the Royals in the majors, doing so over 59 23 unspectacular innings that saw him strike out only 47 batters while walking 24. There isn’t much there as far as peripherals and stuff, but he does have a minor league option still and that is key for the Phillies.

To make way for Castillo, the team designated Simon Muzziotti for assignment, a somewhat surprising move. Muzziotti has always shown a solid bat and speed in the minors, but he’s been blocked and surpassed on the team’s depth chart and didn’t really have a path to consistent playing time. It is a bit surprising someone like Darick Hall was not set loose before Muzziotti, but they must feel alright with Weston Wilson, Cristian Pache and Carlos de la Cruz as the primary outfield depth at this moment. Does it increase the likelihood that a move for a more established bat is coming during spring training? We’ll have to wait and see.