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Continued Success #164: Goodbye to Kevin Frandsen & lots of Mark Leiter Jr.

Who will replace Kevin Frandsen on the Phillies broadcast?

The Phillies’ radio broadcast will need a new color analyst to replace Kevin Frandsen when he leaves for Washington next season.

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Rise and Phight: 1/21/22

It’s stadium news day!

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From the horse’s mouth: New Era does it again!

New Era has given us a new style of hat, and like other recent offerings, it isn’t great

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How to listen to The Good Phight Podcasts

A guide to listening to podcasts...

A deeper dive into Matt Vierling

He’s interesting.

Rise and Phight: 1/20/2022

Aaron Nola, NL Comeback Player of the Year, 2022

Realistic expectations for the Phillies 2022 starting rotation

The Phils’ rotation had its ups and downs in ‘21, what should we expect next year?

Was Cornelius Randolph the right Pick? A look back at the 2015 MLB Draft

Swanson, Bregman, Tucker, but where’s Randolph? A look back at the 2015 MLB Draft.

Rise and Phight: 1/19/2022

Yup, still much of the same

Hittin’ Season #529: On Bergolla Jr., Seiya Suzuki, and Blue is the new Red

On the latest Hittin’ Season podcast, we got angry about jersey colors.

Rise and Phight: 1/18/2021

The end of the line for a former Phillies great

Who will lead the Phillies in hitting next season?

Bryce Harper and Jean Segura are the most likely candidates, but there are some other intriguing options to consider, from Nick Castellanos to Alec Bohm.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Eagles’ loss in the playoffs validates the Phillies’ refusal to trade prospects

It’s time to accept that they were right

Rise and Phight: 1/17/2021

It’s baseball season!

Baseball Prospectus gives their Phillies top ten prospect list

So you’re saying that he be an ace?

Rise and Phight: 1/14/2021

Guess what the big news was of the day?

From the horse’s mouth: The Fightin’ Ozarks

Come to the Vet, see the Dodgers, and get a poster featuring Danny Ozark while you’re at it

Two breakout candidates for the Phillies

Not that they will, but there is some evidence that they might

Rise and Phight: 1/13/2021

A trickle of news on this fine Thursday

Fangraphs gives their top ten Phillies prospects

It’s topped by a potential ace

The Good Phight’s Hall of Fame voting results

You were, as a group, only able to vote for one player

Rise and Phight: 1/12/2022

Are things going to start loosening up?

Vote for who you want, but Hall of Fame voting should be intellectually honest

A ballot with a single vote for Jeff Kent just isn’t worth casting.

The Phillies need Bryan Reynolds or Cedric Mullins if they want to compete

If the Phillies won’t go over the luxury tax, their best option is to offer up their top prospects in a trade for Bryan Reynolds of the Pirates or Cedric Mullins of the Orioles.

Rise and Phight: 1/11/2022

Hello there.

Rise and Phight: 1/10/2022


What if...the Phillies had traded for Randy Johnson in 1993?

It came closer to happening than you think

Rise and Phight: 1/7/2022

Some news? Some news.

From the horse’s mouth: More fun with brawls!

Another week, another Phillies brawl from the days of yore

Ranger Suárez’s 2021 numbers could have won him a Cy Young Award in 2020

In 12 starts, Ranger Suárez was as good as any starter during the pandemic-shortened season.

Rise and Phight: 1/6/2022

Just bring the game back soon please

Rise and Phight: 1/5/2022

The long, cruel winter continues...

Unlike the Phillies, the Eagles earn a playoff spot thanks to cheap, young talent

Is Alec Bohm the Phillies’ Jalen Reagor, or can he bounce back in 2022?

Who would you rather trade for: third base edition

Which one should the Phillies be targeting (if they were targeting at all)?

Rise and Phight: 1/4/2021

Kind of a big piece of news yesterday