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I have been given the title "Supreme Blog Lord" here at The Good Phight. I believe in the prequels.

Jeanie Bo’ Beanie: Phillies 5, Mets 3

Segura has the Metropolitans seeing double

Gamethread 9/18: Phillies at Mets

A win today is a series win and a season series win

Gamethread 9/17: Phillies at Mets

Let’s do this thing

Bryce Harper should be the MVP

What are we even doing here?

Rise and Phight: 9/17/2021

It’s a thing to behold

Gamethread 9/16: Cubs at Phillies

I seem to remember a rather enjoyable night game against the Cubs in powder blue

If the Phillies are going to make Ian Kennedy the closer, he should mix it up a bit

Use your other pitches, man

Rise and Phight: 9/16/2021

I’m only putting in 85% effort here

What the heck just happened?: Phillies 6, Cubs 5

I just don’t know

Gamethread 9/15: Cubs at Phillies

Apathy sets in