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I have been given the title "Supreme Blog Lord" here at The Good Phight. I believe in the prequels.

It’s mailbag time! It’s mailbag time!

You asked, we answered

Rise and Phight: 6/23/2022

Onward to the west coast

Gamethread 6/22: Phillies at Rangers

Maybe a little better effort today, fellas

Rise and Phight: 6/22/2022


Gamethread 6/21: Phillies at Rangers

Let’s keep this thing rolling along

What should be the team’s focus at the trade deadline?

Zach Eflin’s injury may have changed the equation a bit

Rise and Phight: 6/21/2022

A trade! A trade!

Rise and Phight: 6/20/2022

A day off before a date in Texas

Not sure what I expected: Nationals 9, Phillies 3

Not exactly the happiest of Father’s Days

Gamethread 6/19: Phillies at Nationals

The rare five game sweep is at stake