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I have been given the title "Supreme Blog Lord" here at The Good Phight. I believe in the prequels.

Some potential trade candidates for the Phillies

With the Winter Meetings coming, who might be dangled in a trade?

Weekend open thread

It’s that time

Rise and Phight: 12/1/2023

The Good Phight’s offseason mailbag, part one

It is time to answer some questions with all the know-how we can muster

Rise and Phight: 11/30/2023

The homestretch of the year...

Rise and Phight: 11/29/2023

Rise and Phight: 11/28/2023

A signing? By the Phillies?

Reviewing Erich Uelman is necessary

Erich, a name spelled incorrectly

Rise and Phight: 11/27/2023

Will this be the week of Ohtani?

Black Friday with BreakingT

It’s officially the holiday season