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I have been given the title "Supreme Blog Lord" here at The Good Phight. I believe in the prequels.

Rise and Phight: 9/19/2023

Has Schwarber’s home run come down yet?

Gamethread 9/18: Phillies at Braves

Let’s get this thing started

Let’s stop the charade. Johan Rojas is the center fielder.

I know it, you know it, the Phillies know it. Let’s just stop faking it

Rise and Phight: 9/18/2023

Is this a big series or nah?

Who likes having leads anyway?: Cardinals 6, Phillies 5

At least the series was secure

Gamethread 9/17: Phillies at Cardinals

A sweep is in order

Rise and Phight: 9/17/2023

Prayers up for Cholly

The biggest question from this game involves an Arch: Phillies 6, Cardinals 1

I’m going to monitor this tomorrow

Gamethread 9/16: Phillies at Cardinals

Win it for Charlie

Rise and Phight: 9/16/2023

So lame