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Continued Success #41: Review of “Everyone’s Hero”

On Episode 41 of Continued Success, hosts Justin Klugh and Liz Roscher review the 2006 animated film "Everyone’s Hero" and discover an alternate universe of talking baseballs, massive plot holes, and a World Series that never happened.

It’s time to say goodbye

After seven years, I’m leaving The Good Phight.

Phillies win 3-1, beat Braves in season finale

The Phillies finish the season with a win.

Game Thread 9/26: Phillies at Rockies

What is winning?

Game Thread 9/25: Phillies at Rockies

Maybe score some runs.

Game Thread 9/24: Phillies at Rockies

The final road series of the year begins.

Phillies officially eliminated from the NL East

It’s over.

Game Thread 9/22: Phillies at Braves

It’s a new day, right?

I give up: Braves 6, Phillies 5

Give me one good reason not to. Actually, don’t. It’s already too late.

Continued Success #27: Remembering the 1993 series in Montreal

Hosts Justin Klugh & Liz Roscher remember the key mid-September series between the Phillies and Expos in 1993, as well as the play of the red-hot 2008 Phillies in the middle of September.