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Continued Success #25: Do the Phillies have too many vets?

On Episode 25 of "Continued Success," hosts Justin Klugh and Liz Roscher discuss whether the 2018 Phillies now have too many veterans on what was supposed to be a young team.

Game Thread 9/5: Phillies at Marlins

Runs! Three cheers for runs!

Game Thread 9/4: Phillies at Marlins

Oh we’re still doing this? Okay then.

Hector Neris wins NL Reliever of the Month for August

Hector Neris has made an incredible comeback.

Ryan Howard officially retires from baseball

Ryan Howard makes his retirement official with a heartfelt letter to the city he called home for his entire major league career.

Game Thread 9/3: Phillies at Marlins

Will the Phillies ever win a series again?

A different Phillies team: Cubs 8, Phillies 1

We don’t always know which Phillies team will show up.

Game Thread 9/2: Cubs at Phillies

Save us, Aaron Nola.

Game Thread 8/31: Cubs at Phillies

Oh good the Cubs are here.

Game Thread 8/29: Nationals at Phillies

Let’s get this over with.