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Baseball 101

Baseball 101

TGP's Allie Foster breaks down the common components of baseball, such as the Phillies' farm system, Tommy John surgery, and scorekeeping, so that anyone interested, but not as informed, can pick up the basics of baseball.

Baseball 101: Your Questions

Baseball 101: Pitching Basics

Baseball 101: Slash Lines

Three numbers that explain almost everything you need to know about a hitter.

Baseball 101: The Equipment

There’s more to baseball at the major league level than just picking up a bat and a glove.

Baseball 101: The CBA

What the players will be asking for in the next agreement and why they think it’s important.

Baseball 101: Transactions and Regulations

Does anyone really know what it means to get DFA’d?

Baseball 101: Pon de Replay

A story you may have forgotten inspired a rule you may still have difficulty understanding.

Baseball 101: The Anatomy of Scorekeeping

6+4+3=2. The math checks out.

Baseball 101: So you’re getting Tommy John surgery

You know the procedure, now get to know the man for which it’s named.

Baseball 101: Let’s get statistical

Baseball: it’s just math, but slower!

Baseball 101: How to read the farm system

Where do Phillies come from?