Could Lastings Milledge be the Next Jayson Werth?


Still need that right handed bat

Worst Top 10 Prospect Rankings Ever.


Includes non-prospects and guys I wouldn't put in my top 30. Fascinating.

THe "Best of Times" For Philadelphia Sports


Is now the best of times or was 74-83 better?

TGP Phantom Pain Game Thread: Vikings at Eagles, December 28


At the still middle of the offseason, we hearby present a TGP game thread. For an Eagles game. For the hell of it. And because we miss you, dammit. Sniff. There, I said it. Snark away, me hearties! Follow the link if you'd prefer to unzip over at Bleeding Green Nation.

Cliff Lee and Jayson Werth


My apologies if this has already been posted, but I think its pretty hilarious. Especially since I live in DC now and can completely relate to Werth's 4-letter word reaction to remembering what happens when the "Natinals" host the Phightins.

Moyer intends to come back for 2012 season


He and Pedro will play pocket-knife chicken for the coveted last spot in the Phillies bullpen.

Cliff Lee makes men wear Speedos


Saw this while trolling cruising over at Talking Chop. What a true pleasure. The photoshop through the link is a keeper. Thanks, TC. You guys are ok sometimes. I fear the day that Alderson finally burns through all the legacy crap the Mets have and turns that team (and its resources) around. But for now, we can all laugh.

TGP gets shout-out by the Phillies Zone


Matt Gelb cites FM's bullpen research on! Nice (and deserved) feather in the cap for you, FM.

Freakonomics Blog Q&A with J.C. Bradbury


The author of Hot Stove Economics tells us that Jeff Francoeur is not good, that the Mets are poorly run, and that managers don't matter. The interview also tells us how to talk to our collective "grandfather" about OPS and advanced metrics. The book looks interesting, and the Q&A session is a good read. From the NY Times.

Romero would like to return to Phils


Suspicions about Reyes flunking his physical are confirmed. But please no more JC, unless he comes way cheap.