Cliff Lee to the Rangers


The former Phillie half-season hero is going to put on his fourth uniform in less than a year, as he was traded to the Rangers today. This is probably as good as it gets from a Phillies fan perspective - short of him being reacquired by the Phillies in exchange for Juan Castro. He stays out of the NL and off the powerhouses in the AL East.

What is coming out of Lee's elbow?


What is coming out of Lee's elbow?

Crazy Hot Dog Vendor Night in Reading (video link)


This Sunday, the R-Phils will be wearing hot dog vendor uniforms. No, really.

Madson Activated off 60 Day DL


Per Matt Gelb, Ryan Madson has been activated from the disabled list. And in a move many on this list suspected, Mike Zagurski has been activated off of the disabled list. Gelb also mentioned that the Phillies are in a team meeting-- lets hope that they figure out how to right the ship!

Misleading Fangraphs Post on Moyer


This is what I call Happ-ian analysis: making a misleading argument through burden-shifting. The author accurately shows that Moyer has a low BABIP and debunks any notion that Moyer might be pitching unusually well this year. But rather than coming to the appropriate conclusion (that Moyer is just having an OK and not-particularly lucky year, with a difference of only 0.27 between his ERA and xFIP), he zooms way over to the opposite extreme and concludes that Moyer is likely to "get beat up soon." This is one of the biggest problems within the sabermetric community: people who slant their conclusions so that they can look edgy and contrarian by offending sacred cows, instead of simply interpreting their own data in a straightforward manner.

Olney: Phillies shopping RF Jayson Werth


Per Twitter, @Buster_ESPN Elaborate three-way deal for Dan Haren, please.

As Promised... I give you David Wright as a Minotaur!


As Promised... I give you David Wright as a Minotaur!

Good News for Peanuthead!!!!!!


Placido Polanco told Matt Gelb that he is feeling much better, and will be able to start a rehab appearance over the weekend and return after the All Star Break. This may be nothing, but it is the most hope our infield has had in a week! Let's hope that when the Phillies return after the All Star Break, 2/3 of Cerberus can go back where it belongs!