Phillies Twitter makes dad of autistic child's day


Seriously, what have they done with @Phillies this year? Look at this link: and tell me that there isn't something strange and heartwarming going on with this formerly stuffy Twitter account.



Well, before the Phillies went off and won last night's game, the TV crew got to look like a bunch of dopes in giant hats. As featured in the recap comments, here's more of T-Mac, Matt Stairs, and Ben Davis in their Sunday Best

A Zen Koan about Frenchy


I think our man Justin Klugh's article is indirectly responsible for this trend, but let us ask ourselves in silent contemplation: What is Jeff Francoeur?

The Sandberg Cone of Ignorance: A Theory


After tonight's questionable use of Ken Giles by Pete Mackanin, I started to wonder....what if Sandberg has influence from beyond the coaching grave?!

Chase Utley Is The Unluckiest Man In Baseball


538 Sports analyzes batted ball velocity vs. resulting OPS and comes up with possibly encouraging findings for fans of the Phillies and Chase Utley.

MLB Social Media with some interesting thoughts...


Wow. Really. Hamels has a hand dick.

— Henry (@Phrozen_) April 28, 2015

Largest cities by decade


Not baseball-related, but for anyone who likes numbers, history, or both, this is an interesting overview: From the rise of the colonial cities, to the emergence of the midwest, and finally the growth of the south and west. Also related:

Rollins wreaking havoc to rankings -- summary table


Table of the number of seasons Rollins has reached certain milestones, or combinations of milestones, and where he ranks among Phillies, MLB shortstops, all NL, and all MLB. For example, Rollins has had 10 seasons with 30 stolen bases and 200 total bases. That's the most times that's been done by a shortstop, and it's the third highest number of such seasons in the history of the NL.

Phillies' Recent Draft history: Boom and Bust


Over the past decade the Phillies have been the least successful team in drafting MLB talent. That is quite the reversal from the previous ten years, when they were arguably the best.


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