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Exclusive, in-depth stories from The Good Phight.

Gabe Kapler is neither proactive nor reactive

Passive maybe isn’t the best management philosophy

Bryce Harper can be the difference

When he’s in the middle of the scoring, his team wins

The long ball is killing this Phillies team

The 2019 Phillies are a disaster

Who’s to blame for this team?

Phillies pitching can’t finish guys off

Two strike counts are not being capitalized on

Looking at the Jay Bruce acquisition in depth

What the Phillies front office maybe sees in the veteran

The 2019 Phillies and the bad beat

Win expectancy means expect a win

Phillies patient approach being used against them

Hoskins, McCutchen and the rest of the lineup need to adjust

Maikel Franco - two left feet

The Phillies have a critically upgraded new team

I swear it by the old team and the new: The Phillies have really improved in some key areas.

Is Bryce Harper a $40M/year generational player?

How much is too much?

The Phillies’ “worst case scenario” is not that bad

Let’s take a step back and imagine the Phillies how they’ve always been: A team without Bryce Harper or Manny Machado.

Step into The Relief Room

In this bullpen, it’s not the dugout calling. It’s nature.

‘It all begins in Billtown’

From Phillies prospects to little leaguers, Williamsport is a place where an endless catalog of baseball stories have begun.

More than a Minute with Murph

Movement. Survival. Social media harassment. Baseball broadcasting’s about a lot of things. For the Phillies’ Gregg Murphy, it’s still mostly about baseball.

The Reinvention of @Phillies

A story about the team spearheading the effort that has reshaped the voice and reputation of the Phillies on the Internet

How to build a baseball country

Over a century ago, New Zealanders scoffed and scratched their heads when introduced to baseball. Today, an American CEO and a wave of new players is keeping it alive.

Bruiseball: The skill and brutality of the HBP

Over 16 years, getting hit by pitches has just become Chase Utley’s style.

The Phillies in the Place of the Swift Water

Somewhere between college ball and the minor leagues, there’s a form of baseball that still resembles a game.

The Game Across the River: Campbell’s Field before it falls

As it nears its destruction, players, coaches, and a GM reflect on Campbell’s Field: a minor league park with a major league view.


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