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Happy Smarty-Days

During the month of December, TGP's The Smarty Jones will attempt to post something every day. Warning: Not everything posted will be good.

The Phillies year that was, as told by The Good Phight

Using our stories to look back on the past year.

Kyle Kendrick: Was he actually good?

Taking a second look at the former Phillies pitcher

The Hamburglar!

This is what you voted for!

Commercial fun with John Kruk

Want to own a piece of John Kruk’s soul?

TGP writer interview: Allie

Another set of pointless questions with one of our writers

John Middleton’s A Christmas Carol: Part one

With apologies to Charles Dickens and everyone in the Phillies organization, we bring you this holiday tale.

Smarty’s 2023 Winter Solstice post

For some, today is the best day of the year.

Retroactive Phillies offseason grades: 2014

How did the Phillies prepare for the 2014 season? By signing a guy formerly known as Fausto Carmona!

TGP writer interview: Jason Polinsky

Get to know another one of our writers via some stupid questions.

Crazy eights - Part four: Eisy and some unfortunate players from the late nineties

Jim Eisenreich was a fan favorite; Desi Relaford and Marlon Anderson, not so much.

Crazy eights - Part three: A Hall of Famer, an All-Star, and a guy I named a cat after

Highlighting some more players who donned the number eight in a Phillies uniform.

We want Dallas!

Most Phillies fans don’t like the Cowboys, but we have a soft spot for the former manager.

Crazy eights - Part two: All-Stars and Wall of Famers

Highlighting some more prominent Phillies to have worn the number eight.

TGP writer interview: Joe Edinger

You’ve read his stories, now learn more about the man behind the byline.

Commercial fun with Mike Schmidt and Lee jeans

When you need someone to advertise your jeans, the Hall of Fame third baseball is your man!

Happy Smarty-Days 2023!

For the second straight year, your favorite horse will be providing content all throughout December.