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Macho Low

They're not Dykstra, Kruk, or Daulton. But they were here in 1993, too. Barely.

Nobody wanted to give Jose DeLeon run support

Sometimes, you’re just somebody else’s missing piece.

Tim Mauser started at the top of the heap

Tim Mauser almost threw 30 straight scoreless innings in the minors—about a quarter of his major league innings pitched total.

Kevin Foster ate the Phillies’ worst innings

While the regular Phillies were barfing, Kevin Foster and the back-ups took the field.

Brad Brink was ready to try something new

From a top draft pick to "damaged goods" to becoming an award-winning teacher, the 1993 Phillies were merely a brief stop on one reliever’s journey.

Bobby Thigpen broke Tony La Russa’s brain

Tight pants. 57 saves. A Tony La Russa meltdown. Really, really tight pants. By the time Bobby Thigpen got to Philly, he had already accomplished a lot.

Jeff Manto knows how to spot a slugger

Appearing in all of eight games for the 1993 Phillies, the journeyman infielder wound up finding a niche role as a coach.

Bob Ayrault was always ready for his big league debut

The Phillies found Bob Ayrault in an independent league out west, but he had felt ready for the big leagues for a while.

Juan Bell was there when it all began in 1993, but not when it ended

The Phillies’ opening day shortstop in 1993 was one of the rare misses, team chemistry-wise.

How Donn Pall helped save baseball

Donn Pall joined the Phillies for eight games in September of 1993. He went on to become a part of baseball history.

Joe Millette kept shortstop warm for Kevin Stocker

The Phillies had a hole at shortstop in 1993. Joe Millette did not fill that hole.

Doug Lindsey and the promotion from hell

Welcome to the major leagues. Here’s a bat. That’s David Cone. Have fun.

Todd Pratt was the man behind the Phillies’ $18.5 million man

In the first edition of our ongoing series on the lesser known members of the 1993 Phillies, we look at Todd Pratt, who among the lower profiles probably has the highest profile.