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Phillies 2016 Player Previews

The place to be for all of your predictions and characterizations and projections and what have you for the Phillies as they enter 2016.

Phillies 2016 Player Preview: Andres Blanco

The utility infielder was a pleasant surprise for the Phillies in 2015, coupling above average defense at three positions with a "how did he do that" OPS of .863. What does 2016 hold for the Versatile Venezuelan?

Phillies 2016 player preview: Odubel Herrera

Next up to get previewed is "El Torito" himself, the man who almost made Chase Utley smile.

Phillies 2016 Player Preview: Adam Morgan

Three years after he dazzled in his first big-league training camp, Adam Morgan has come back from a rotator cuff tear to reassert his claim to a spot in the Phillies' rotation.

Phillies 2016 Player Preview: Aaron Nola

Aaron Nola will be a mainstay in the Phillies' rotation for the foreseeable future.

2016 Phillies Player Preview: Freddy Galvis

The former all-glove, no-bat infielder raised his offensive game last year. Can he keep it up enough to stay in the lineup--whether at shortstop or second base--beyond 2016?

Phillies 2016 Player Preview: Vince Velasquez

The headliner in the Ken Giles trade is off to a good start in the race for the 5th starter job.

Phillies 2016 Player Preview: Cameron Rupp

2016 may be a brief moment in the sun for the perennially overlooked catcher.

Phillies 2016 Player Preview: Ryan Howard

Entering what is certainly his last season in red pinstripes, I feel it is time to look back, not forward, when it comes to Ryan's career.

Phillies 2016 Player Preview: Darin Ruf

He's going to play baseball on days Ryan Howard doesn't play or so we're told.

Phillies 2016 player preview: Peter Bourjos

Ah! Look! A new player! Let us gather around him and wonder.