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Piece Out: Our Tribute to Ryan Howard

Piece Out Moment No. 1: “Get me to the plate, boys”

C’mon, you knew what this was.

Piece Out Moment No. 2: The night Big Piece went to pieces

A lot of people don’t realize this, but Ryan Howard’s nickname, the “Big Piece,” comes from the “big piece” of umpire Scott Barry he once wanted to break off and devour.

Piece Out moment No. 3: Sunday September 3rd, 2006

Ryan Howard faced Tim Hudson three times that Sunday. Three times Howard circled him on the bases.

Piece Out Moment No. 7: Got Him Looking

A City Stared in Disbelief

Piece Out No. 8: The Phillies Long-Ball Travelling All Stars and Baseball Friends: Long Ball Era Aesthetics

Piece Out Moment No. 9: I Shot the Albatross

My glistering eye has taken aim on the haters, Ryan.

Piece Out Moment No. 10: Grand slam on Thome Night

This is the best moment of 2016, hands down. Don’t even try to top it.

Piece Out Memory No. 11: The 2006 MVP

Ryan Howard had a career year in 2006, so let’s reminisce about it a little.

Piece Out Memory No. 12: 2008 World Series Game 4

This was the moment you started to feel Billy Penn was irrelevant.

Piece Out Memory No. 13: Fifty-Eight

No one had hit that many home runs in a season for the Phillies before. No one may ever do it again.

Piece Out No. 14: 2005 Rookie of the Year

Remembering that time Ryan Howard burst onto the scene and changed our lives forever.

Piece Out: Our goodbye to Ryan Howard

The Good Phight says goodbye to Ryan Howard in our own special way.

Piece Out No. 15: That Year Ryan Howard Destroyed Reading

As Ryan Howard plays his last 15 home games as a Phillies player, we will be rolling out a new piece on the Big Piece every day, celebrating his career and all the memories (mostly great) he is leaving us with.