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Player Previews & Exit Interviews

2014 Phillies Player Previews: the coaching staff

Who the hell are these people.

2014 Phillies Player Preview: Domonic Brown

Domonic Brown had yet another disappointing, horrible year in 2013, hitting zero home runs and proving everyone right about how bad he is. Plus, he likes the Cowboys! Yuck! In conclusion, left field is Darin Ruf's job to lose.

2014 Phillies Player Preview: Ryan Howard

He is perhaps the most important non-pitcher on the Phillies, and everyone is counting on him to do something he hasn't been able to do in years... stay healthy and hit lots of home runs. Can Ryan Howard turn things around?

2014 Phillies Player Preview: Jake Diekman

This gangly lefty with high-90s heat and spotty command could emerge as the breakout star of a young and talented relief corps

2014 Phillies Player Preview: Cody Asche

He's not Mike Schmidt. But he's also not Mike Young.

2014 Phillies Player Preview: Ben Revere

The light-hitting center fielder started slow but picked up steam in a big way in 2013 until a freak injury sidelined him for half of last season. Is Ben Revere the Phils' center fielder of the future?

2013 Phillies Exit Interviews: John Lannan

But doctor, John Lannan is Pagliacci!

2013 Phillies Exit Interview: Jake Diekman

Jake Diekman throws haaaaaard. Newly improved with fewer walks.

2013 Phillies Exit Interview: Roy Halladay

Oh Roy. I'm so sorry.

2013 Exit Interview: Cliff Lee

Once again, Cliff Lee was outstanding in 2013. And once again, the Phillies wasted his great performance. Can he keep it up?

Issue Number One: Crappy Infielders

ISSUE NUMBER TWO: Pete Orr, Michael Martinez, Steven LeRud and Steve Susdorf.

2013 Phillies Exit Interview: Darin Ruf

Darin Ruf proved to be a power-hitting country boy that could hit the ball a mile, but did he prove he can do much else? And what will his role be in 2014?

2013 Phillies Exit Interview: Jonathan Papelbon

Jonathan Papelbon made a lot of people very mad in 2013. And the declining closer proved to be a huge waste of money. But was he as bad as everyone made him out to be?

Exit Interview: Ben Revere

Oh Rev Run, a sad Delaware Valley turns its eye towards you. While the Phillies failed us this season, your unwavering enthusiasm kept us smiling deep into autumn.

2013 Exit Interviews: Kevin Frandsen

2013 Exit Interviews: Kevin Frandsen; Good guy, not good season.

2013 Exit Interview: Erik Kratz

A top priority this offseason will be catcher. Who better to discuss it with than Phillies backstop, Erik Kratz.

2013 Exit Interview: John Mayberry Jr.

In which The Good Phight explains why exactly John Mayberry Jr. bothers you so frigging much

2013 Phillies Exit Interviews: Tyler Cloyd

Our 2012 Paul Owens Award pitcher leaves us without much fanfare.

Phillies 2013 Exit Interviews - Chad Durbinplayrun

Apparently not satisfied without a Chad in the bullpen, Ruben Amaro Jr. signed Chad Chad Durbin last offseason to provide a veteran presence or some bullshit like that.

2013 Exit Interviews: Antonio Bastardo

Bastardo was quite good while he was allowed to pitch. Then he wasn't allowed to pitch anymore.

2013 Phillies Player Preview: Freddy Galvis

What broken back? Freddy Galvis returns and may become the Phillies version of Ben Zobrist early in his career as a Jack of all trades.

2013 Phillies Player Preview: Michael Stutes

Full of "meh", Michael Stutes is preparing for delivering even more "meh" in 2013.

2013 Phillies Player Preview: Erik Kratz

Erik Kratz provides a capable backup for Carlos Ruiz, both at the plate and behind it. The Phillies will need that, especially in the first 25 games while Chooch serves his suspension.

Kyle Kendrick 2013 Preview

Kyle Kendrick's continued success may determine if the Phillies make the playoffs, especially if Roy Halladay is not 100%.

2013 Phillies Player Preview: Jeremy Horst

Jeremy Horst was acquired for Wilson Valdez during the 2011-2012 offseason. Well, that worked out pretty well.

2013 Phillies Player Preview: Kevin Frandsen

Kevin Frandsen was a surprising bright spot for the 2012 Phillies. What can we expect from him in 2013?

2013 Phillies Player Preview: Yuniesky Betancourt

Is there pathos to be found in the story of Yuniesky Betancourt? Likely not, but that doesn't mean we won't give it a go.

2013 Phillies Player Preview: Antonio Bastardo

On the surface, lefty reliever Antonio Bastardo's 2012 season represented a significant step back from his outstanding 2011 campaign. A closer look reveals a good bit of bad luck and small sample volatility, and good reason to be hopeful..

2013 Phillies Player Preview: Chase Utley

In a TGP exclusive we bring you Chase Utley's player preview written by..... Chase Utley.

2013 Phillies Player Preview: Ryan Howard

The key to Ryan Howard's 2013 is for us to have realistic expectations for him.

2013 Phillies Player Preview: Delmon Young

No one else wanted to write this preview, so here I am.

2013 Phillies Player Preview: John Lannan

A decent fifth starter . . . if he had good defense behind him. Unfortunately, that's not the Phillies this year.