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Ruben Tuesdays

Ruben Tuesdays

Ruben Amaro did many things for the Phillies. Every Tuesday, these... are those things.

Ruben Tuesdays: Goodbye, Jimmy

Remembering when Ruben Amaro furthered the rebuilding effort by trading a franchise icon

Ruben Tuesdays: Lucky Pierre

With the Phillies outfield in disarray, Ruben Amaro tried to fill the void with a speedy veteran

Ruben Tuesdays: Happy Halladays

A future Hall of Famer wanted to be a Phillie, and Ruben Amaro made sure that his wish came true

Ruben Tuesdays: Byrd Returns to the Nest

Ruben Amaro needed an outfielder who was better than Delmon Young. He found one.

Ruben Tuesdays: Merry Cliffmas

Remembering the time Ruben Amaro stole free agency’s biggest prize away from the Yankees

Ruben Tuesdays: The Third Ace Arrives

In 2010, the Phillies needed another starting pitcher, and Ruben Amaro got them a good one

Ruben Tuesdays: That Old Pedro Magic

When the Phillies needed a starting pitcher in 2009, Ruben Amaro called upon the services of a future Hall of Famer

Ruben Tuesdays: Fausto-ian Bargain

The Roberto Hernandez era in Philadelphia was brief but amusing

Introducing: Ruben Tuesdays

Taking a weekly look back at the finest moves made by the Phillies’ former general manager.