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The Dirty Inning

The Dirty Inning, Episode 28: A day at the Beech

Have you ever considered what TWO dirty innings in a single day would do to your mind? Let’s find out.

The Dirty Inning, Episode 27: Carlton? More like Carlt-OUT

It’s Lefty’s turn to get dirty in an inning from 1972 that honestly wasn’t too bad, all things considered.

The Dirty Inning, Episode 26: Bump on the Noggin; Milo on the Bump

Sometimes the biggest contributions are doing nothing at all. But more often than not, they aren’t that.

The Dirty Inning, Episode 25: Rolen in the Deep

Scott Rolen returned to Philadelphia on April 3, 2006 for a home opener in which neither he nor his hitting prowess were welcome.

The Dirty Inning, Episode 24: A mule in a barber shop quartet

History could not be contained in this extra-long episode from 1917, for which the actual events are unknown.

The Dirty Inning, Episode 23: Cole story, bro

Cole Hamels? Good. The Dominican Republic national team? Also good. Surely, this 2013 spring training game would be a match-up for the ages. It was not.

The Dirty Inning, Episode 22: Billy Southworth’s ladle of orangeade

Baseball Reference has unlocked a whole new wing of the Phillies Hall of Shame.

The Dirty Inning, Episode 21: Love in the time of Lovenguth

In this Valentine’s Day episode of TDI, we take a look at a pair of innings from the 27-inning career of former Phillies pitcher Lynn Lovenguth.

The Dirty Inning, Episode 20: Musial to my Ears

When you’re a thief it doesn’t matter how you get home.

The Dirty Inning, Episode 19: Un-1964-gettable

It’s time to party like it’s 1964, which of course means it is time to sit quietly in a room, crushed by the failures of the past.

The Dirty Inning, Episode 18: Worrell War One

Tim Worrell was a relief pitcher. But on April 22, he got to take a swing.

The Dirty Inning, Episode 17: A Dirty Doubleheader

One filthy frame to get you dirty and a restorative baptism to clean you off.

The Dirty Inning, Episode 16: Anonymous Rox

The Dirty Inning, Ep. 15: That's just Gross

Welcome back to the ‘80s. Yes, yes - were all younger then.

The Dirty Inning, Ep. 14: When the Hot Sauce goes cold

Nobody’s really paying attention on the last day of class.

The Dirty Inning, Ep. 13: You really blue this one, Larry.

You can't win them all. But especially not this one.

The Dirty Inning, Ep. 12: An extra tomato for Dick Bartell

1938 brought about the end of the Phillies' time in the Baker Bowl with a resounding 14-1 loss to the New York Giants. What a time to be alive! Though we were not.

The Dirty Inning, Ep. 11: More, More, Morehead

When you’re down five late, you bring in the clean-up crew.

The Dirty Inning Episode 10 Craptacular!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, the next day began.

The Dirty Inning, Episode 9: Brett it All on Red

People forget this, but in 2008, the Curse of Billy Penn was still ravaging the city of Philadelphia.

The Dirty Inning, Ep. 8: Rick and Dick get rocked

Rick Wise and Dick Hall couldn’t fend off the Giants as the Phillies teetered off the edge of Candlestick Park one Easter.

The Dirty Inning, Episode 7: Hopped up on Disco and Ohio River Water

Opening day in Cincinnati, 1981. The Phillies were hot and the clubs were open.

The Dirty Inning, Ep. 6: A Byrd at the End of the World

With Y2K on the horizon, Paul Byrd and the Phillies took the field on April 14, 1999 with the intention of living it up before the world was swallowed by chaos.

The Dirty Inning, Episode 5: Over a dozen Dodgers

On September 27, 1975, Steve Carlton departed a game and left the Phillies bullpen to pick up the pieces. Instead, they made more pieces.

The Dirty Inning, Episode 4: They REALLY lost this one

Another classic Phillies-Cubs match-up that ended in a massive Phillies loss.

The Dirty Inning, Episode 3: Destroyed in Seconds

With Veterans Stadium days away from its doom, Vicente Padilla tried desperately to slow down a furious Braves lineup.

The Dirty Inning, Episode 2: September 14, 1948

"Let this be a testament to the rarity that is baseball's triple."

The Dirty Inning, Episode 1: The Reds Scare

“For two days, I was convinced we were all going to die in a fire.”