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The Good Phight Podcasts

This is where you will find all The Good Phight's podcasts, collected in one place!

MLB’s new pitch clock is stressing some people out

On the latest Hittin’ Season, a discussion on baseball’s new pitch clock, in plain view for all to see.

A Hittin’ Season interview with the Phillies’ Preston Mattingly

On the latest edition of Hittin’ Season, the Phils’ Director of Player Development stops by to chat about the team’s farm system heading into the 2023 season!

Phillies fans saw the best, and worst, of Scott Rolen

On the latest Hittin’ Season podcast, an exploration of Rolen’s time in Philadelphia, and his legacy as a Hall of Famer.

A blast from the recent past could reappear on the 2023 Phillies

On the latest Hittin’ Season podcast, why a former top prospect-turned-"bust" could make a comeback.

Dave Dombrowski has a plan, and he’s executing it

On the latest Hittin’ Season podcast, a discussion on the Phillies’ direction and its clarity.

Phillies players set to improve, and regress, in 2023

On the latest Hittin’ Season, we open up the Twitter mailbag to answer a range of Phils questions.

Can the Phillies repeat last year’s success without Bryce Harper?

On the latest Hittin’ Season podcast, we discuss whether the Phils can replicate last year’s remarkable record without their MVP.

To extend, or not to extend, Rhys Hoskins and Aaron Nola

On the latest Hittin’ Season, we take a deep dive on whether the Phillies will, and should, extend their first baseman and homegrown starter.

Have the Phillies caught the Braves and Mets in the NL East?

How much has Atlanta and New York actually improved so far this off-season?

10 thoughts from baseball’s Winter Meetings

On the latest Hittin’ Season, a recap of what the Phillies, and the rest of MLB, did this week in San Diego.

Is this the best Phillies lineup with Trea Turner in it?

On the latest Hittin’ Season podcast, we discuss the optimal Phillies lineup with their new shortstop in it!

Is Andrew Painter the Phillies’ Cristian Javier?

On the latest Hittin’ Season, we preview the Winter Meetings and discuss the search for our own version of the Astros’ Game 4 winner.

Could the Phillies get a top shortstop and elite starter?

On Hittin’ Season #619, we open the mailbag to talk some Hot Stove.

Dave Dombrowski says to expect a busy Phillies off-season

On the latest Hittin’ Season podcast, we talk about all the stuff Dave Dombrowski said this week.

Hittin’ Season World Series Game 3 Recap/Reaction podcast!

Come listen as we react to Game 3’s blowout win!!!

Braves to go with Spencer Strider in Game 3, Charlie Morton in Game 4

But how long will Strider go in Game 3?

Hittin’ Season #598: Phillies vs. Braves Game 2 Recap Episode

The Phillies weren’t going to go undefeated.

Hittin’ Season #597: Phillies vs. Braves Game 1 Recap Episode

The Phillies did it again, winning games in different ways.

Will this Phillies team be different this September?

Is it a Phillies September deja vu all over again?

Hittin’ Season #581: Optimism on the Phillies (before the 7-0 collapse)

We recorded our podcast as the Phils were pounding Arizona last night. It didn’t last.

Do we trust Dave Dombrowski to fix the Phillies?

The savvy executive has his hands full with a continually underachieving franchise.

Hittin’ Season #560: Grading key Phillies at the one-quarter mark

We’re a quarter of the way through a disappointing season.

Hittin’ Season #559: Will L.A. be a springboard for the Phillies?

After outplaying the Dodgers for most of last weekend, what’s next for the Phillies?

Hittin’ Season #558: The Jean Segura appreciation post

Segura has been one of the Phillies’ most consistent players.

Hittin’ Season #556: The next 30 days are the key to the Phillies season

So much could be determined in the next month

Hittin’ Season #555: Phillies April stock up, stock down

Reading the tea leaves on which directions certain Phils players are headed in after the season’s first month.

Hittin’ Season #551: Fish Fry shows Phillies starters still stuck in spring

We shouldn’t be surprised by the starters’ slow start.

Hittin’ Season #549: A huge comeback & the Ballad of Alec Bohm

A lot of action was packed into three hours of baseball on Monday night.

The Dirty Inning #96: Opening Day by Day

The Phillies have played a lot of Opening Days and this podcast talks about a lot of them.

Continued Success #171 & Hittin’ Season #547: It’s almost here

Check out The Good Phight’s two latest podcast episodes!

Hittin’ Season #545: Is Alec Bohm on the trade block?

Also, Kyle Schwarber makes his debut, we meet Alex Castellanos, and stuff John Middleton said.

Hittin’ Season #544: Nick Castellanos is a Phillie podcast spectacular!

Have you heard? The Phillies went over the luxury tax AND signed Nick Castellanos! Wow!